5/20/2018 Penny Kline Good job!
5/18/2018 Earl Douglas Work done promptly and correctly. Been a Ellios customer for years. I highly recommend them for your service and repair needs.
5/8/2018 Dennis Graff Always provide quality service at a reasonable price.
4/20/2018 Drew Spinoso I was having problems with my Wife's car. The vehicle was giving off warning lights. Ellio's checked it out and confirmed my worst suspicions. I was warned at my previous mechanic that when my tranny went it was going to cost a lot. Ellios was able to fix it at half of what my other mechanic said it was going to cost (almost half). :)
Not one but two great reviews. Thank you so much Drew! We appreciate you taking the time. Have a great day :) - Ellio's German Auto
4/18/2018 Ray Porter These people are passionate about auto repair. They always take the time to thoroughly explain your car's condition and they're honest about whether a repair is really needed or borderline. I drive an older model E350 with high mileage and Ellio's has been keeping it running in great condition for years.
4/10/2018 Jeff Webber Couldn’t have a better place to have my Mercedes SL serviced. Not to mention the outstanding staff that is there to help you, they are friendly and professional. Will never go any ware else.
4/10/2018 Zendelmar Torres I am a first time customer at Ellio’s. I liked how I was continously informed while they are working on my MB. Thanks guys.
3/30/2018 Robert Salaz The biggest battle customers have is finding an Honest place that knows what they are doing. These Guys are the One !! DO NOT take your BMW/Mercedes anywhere else. You will be disappointed. Thank You for Honesty and Expertese !!! Robert
3/30/2018 Ramiro Meza the service and attention to detail was great. thank you
3/29/2018 Su Cho Excellent Service Good People..
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