6/11/2018 Pete Covitch AS always, treated like family..
6/5/2018 Shizu Matsukawa As always....great and friendly service!!!!
6/1/2018 Lynda Khasigian Ellio's found my car for me and have taken very good care of it ever since. It has been a great experience.
5/31/2018 Merced Arguello Quick and quality service at a great price!
5/30/2018 Alex Vogel Awesome customer service.
5/20/2018 Penny Kline Good job!
5/18/2018 Earl Douglas Work done promptly and correctly. Been a Ellios customer for years. I highly recommend them for your service and repair needs.
5/8/2018 Dennis Graff Always provide quality service at a reasonable price.
4/20/2018 Drew Spinoso I was having problems with my Wife's car. The vehicle was giving off warning lights. Ellio's checked it out and confirmed my worst suspicions. I was warned at my previous mechanic that when my tranny went it was going to cost a lot. Ellios was able to fix it at half of what my other mechanic said it was going to cost (almost half). :)
Not one but two great reviews. Thank you so much Drew! We appreciate you taking the time. Have a great day :) - Ellio's German Auto
4/18/2018 Ray Porter These people are passionate about auto repair. They always take the time to thoroughly explain your car's condition and they're honest about whether a repair is really needed or borderline. I drive an older model E350 with high mileage and Ellio's has been keeping it running in great condition for years.
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